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Rebirth of the good days of the 1980s

Rebirth of the good days of the 1980s

Rebirth of the good days of the 1980s

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    Rebirth of the good days of the 1980s
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    Cheng Jiaxi
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    Happy Read
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2022-01-27 03:52:39
Through the female owner Jin Fang, she lived with her grandmother, disbanded and divided the production into households. The two women were old and weak. In order not to go hungry, the two women decided to find a man for their family. In order to find a partner for her granddaughter Jin Fang, Mrs. Jin picked up all the good men in the brigade and team. At this time, Jin Fang found that the small mountain village she lived in was not simple at all. The women here are very fierce and unusual. The good men they meet have been favored by the women who have been reborn and crossed. This is a world full of thunder. Jin Fang carefully protected the old lady and found a pillar for the family. In the village, the couple took the lead in getting rich and lived a life of passing through women and rebirth the envy of female owners.

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