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Wear it quickly and ride the wind and waves

Wear it quickly and ride the wind and waves

Wear it quickly and ride the wind and waves

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    Wear it quickly and ride the wind and waves
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    The bullet won't break
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    Daily Novel
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2022-01-15 00:15:36
Ren Siqi has been in the fast wear world for many years and has won the trust of the director of the fast wear Bureau. This time, she has accepted many tasks. The director asked her to complete them quickly and well. The KPI for the past six months depends on her she said calmly: ride the wind and waves and live up to her mission Story 1: Pride and Prejudice - the big lady holds the script, the princess's struggle history Story 2: dress up as Pan Jinlian and clean up the cake stand, the same as Liangshanpo at a glance, her eyes were full of hormones, and she was full of tendons... A frenzy outside the law brothers, your king is back Story 3: in order not to be sold, she decided to stand up and become a female official story 4: the runaway wife and the rising richest woman story 5: celebrities are hard to be, and famous women are even harder to be! The development history of movie stars in Eastern Hollywood in the Republic of China story 6: the arduous road of Yueju Opera Huadan Story 7: beautiful waste is not waste! In order to become a real actor, good acting is the last word story unlocking

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