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Boundless potential

Boundless potential

Boundless potential

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    Boundless potential
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    Grapefruit Zero sugar
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    Bestair novel
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2022-02-10 16:07:59
# reality + suspense: the story of the coldest "mother" looking for a man # [summary] Ruan Meng, the coldest teaching assistant in the school. She is neither soft nor cute. She has few cold words, indifferent feelings and will never fall in love after a long summer vacation, she brought back a five-year-old baby. It's not impossible to fall in love. First of all, we should be 188 tall, be able to coax our baby, and be able to cook roast fish no one knows. She is the most calm and tolerant. She has unique skills and silently bears the heavy responsibility that can't be said.