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I hit the entertainment industry with villains

I hit the entertainment industry with villains

I hit the entertainment industry with villains

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    I hit the entertainment industry with villains
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    Gu Yuwan
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    Free Novel!
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2022-05-27 08:17:12
Ning Qingwan is a well-known contractor. One day, he searched a romantic novel on the construction site. Unexpectedly, when he opened his eyes, he was the vicious female companion in the novel women in other people's novels have money and face, are proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and have full skills. Rather, they won't do anything in the evening and have bad luck. Men don't love, men dislike, women target, and parents abandon and the younger brother who grew up with him eventually killed himself for his wife's sister Ning Qingwan is heartbroken. His brother has not dealt with him since childhood. They pinch each other as soon as they meet Ning planned to stay away from his blackened brother in the evening, but he was in the same crew with his blackened brother and the female owner Ning qingnight is a fool. In the crew, the female leader's sister likes to play coquettish with her blackened brother, but her brother doesn't seem to bird her, but... "Xiaowan sister... Hand pain... shocked! High cold abstinence movie emperor is actually coquettish Lingning never expected to become a good friend with the original book owner in the end further away from hanging up