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Blind woman changed to shuangwen script after awakening

Blind woman changed to shuangwen script after awakening

Blind woman changed to shuangwen script after awakening

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    Blind woman changed to shuangwen script after awakening
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    Seed sauce
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    Weixin Book
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2022-08-08 10:23:06
Mu Li wears a book and becomes a vicious girl who can't do anything in the immortal Xia's article as soon as I wore it, I was blinded by Penglai "long Aotian" on the wedding day in the face of this sad reminder, Mu Li thought that he was clearly the root of the heavenly spirit and his cultivation speed was ten times that of other practitioners. He shed tears that he had never seen the world. How good is it to take the route of women's strength on the horse so, years later, a blind fairy was born in the cultivation world. He helped the world (unexpectedly rescued the American strong and miserable villains in the original book?). While making good friends (accidentally accepted several future leaders as disciples?), he kept a mantra all the year round: I'm just an ordinary poor blind man but the poor blind man was not only beautiful and powerful, but also dug long Aotian's eyes behind the Shura field long Aotian is furious and wants to unite with a group of immortal sect generals Mu Li to kill him at this time, those disciples who have grown up to be upright leaders have stood up one after another... the first disciple of danxiu: I have been under the care of my master a lot. Now Penglai deceives people too much. I'll put down my words and cut off all promotion pills for Penglai in the future the second disciple of Kunlun Shizi: I have received a lot of benefits from the master. Now she has something to do. We Kunlun are here. I see which sect agrees with the alliance of Penglai ruthless villain: I've been in love with fairy Li for a long time. Now... Well, now it's a good opportunity to show (people)... long Aotian: be a person PS: The hostess is really blind, but rest assured, this is shuangwen, and the eyes will naturally come back ~

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