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The big man of Tangmen is in the film world

The big man of Tangmen is in the film world

The big man of Tangmen is in the film world

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    The big man of Tangmen is in the film world
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    Yuchen earthquake
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    Day Books
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2022-05-31 01:49:29
[entertainment circle + nvqiang + shuangwen + vest] Tang Shu, the young leader of Tangmen, who is proficient in poison and concealed weapons, has crossed and become an 18 line newcomer with white lotus woman and black and red before the variety show broadcast: black powder: "the white lotus design has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If you are afraid of acting in its own color, don't forcibly wash it white!" after the variety show broadcast: black powder: "I think Tang Shu is a little cute. Am I wrong?" when the National Institute of Mechanical Engineering said: Miss Tang is our key research consultant black powder: "ah, this???" when interviewed by authoritative traditional Chinese medicine experts, it was revealed that the R & D of new drugs was thanks to Tang Shu black powder: "isn't it a coincidence?" when the porcelain restoration Department frankly said that Tang Shu was superior in porcelain restoration, calligraphy and painting black fans: "this white lotus is a little above?" when a certain fan's microblog big V was broadcast live, he accidentally showed his face... black fans said one after another that their mentality jumped * * * Jing Yu, who was born in the Jingmen aristocratic family and is the favored son of heaven, has been hard-working all her life and mixed with wind and water until she met Tang Shu in the cinema, I watched four or five movies in succession and found that the person sitting next to him had never changed. The popcorn thief was happy Jing Yu's throat twitched and the woman was teasing him the coffee shop sat face to face, and the other party carelessly pulled out a double headed straw and put it into the cup Jing Yu's eyes are red. This woman is definitely teasing him!