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Be good

Be good

Be good

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    Be good
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    Gu Nanxi
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    Day Books
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2022-08-05 22:00:45
Shanglingling gave himself a birthday present - a gold cage at the adult ceremony then she put her beloved boy in a cage friends say: we girls should be gentle so she painted the cage pink and inlaid it with glittering diamonds. She gently opened the cage, gently tied a rope to her beloved boy, and finally gently said to him: good, be obedient he was in the cage and asked, "why?" she said, "because I love you." because I love him, I have to break every disobedient bone of him he said, "let me go." she said, "but you're not good." what kind of person is she? Everyone will answer: she is a smiling little sun, shining warmth on the earth Jing Zhao said: she is the moon of Ghost Festival and will take her life (PS: men are not weak)