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The Regent s peasant wife

The Regent s peasant wife

The Regent s peasant wife

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    The Regent s peasant wife
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    Autumn rain
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    18ws Read
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2022-06-24 19:47:58
The vortex of time and space will reconnect the relationship between people until they meet... "you are my obsession all my life. I will find you. Even if my soul falls into hell, I will be with you." at the moment of her death, his world will be only endless cold the popular star Li Anle passed through and became a peasant girl. Her family was destitute. She could only roll up her sleeves and make a fortune by self-reliance. This inadvertently saved a handsome man. Seeing that he was poor, he simply earned his income and became a free labor force. Who knew that a series of things beyond his expectation would happen later. The identity of "labor force" was not simple at all when she was a child, she had a dream. She was shot by random arrows, and her clothes were soaked with blood. Nothing could be seen in the dream. When she woke up, she could only hear a young figure saying, wait for me... [small abuse is pleasant, big abuse hurts the body, the author's mother, welcome to the pit.]

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