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The fierce Prince s little crazy concubine SA burst

The fierce Prince s little crazy concubine SA burst

The fierce Prince s little crazy concubine SA burst

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    The fierce Prince s little crazy concubine SA burst
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    Salary haze seat
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    Only Novel
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"Poisonous woman, you killed the king's and yu'er's children. Did you say that the king gouged out your eyes or cut off a piece of meat from you to vent the king's anger today!" "in that case, the concubine's life is changed for another life. How is the king?" she is a charming daughter of the prime minister's mansion. She fell in love with the three princes with the appearance of an Emperor just because she met each other. Later, because she married him, she was enfeoffed from Beijing and away from her mother's family. She didn't think that her husband hated her, framed her in a side room, lost her son and relatives, and the prime minister's house fell. It was her husband who destroyed her mother's family. This was the beginning of her bad luck she used to be the elite of the vampire hunting family in the end of the world. Later, she died because of the framing of the Imperial Army, and all her comrades in arms in the same group were destroyed. She was reincarnated with hatred to Princess Chen, who was not loved by her husband in Daye Dynasty, and lived by the last ray of vitality left in the princess I thought that after waking up, she would no longer be nostalgic for everything in the world. Even the women in the backyard of the palace couldn't raise any motivation to compete for favor. Was she going to die here alone but who wants to save the man again and again will be her destiny he doesn't want her to suffer any more. He doesn't want her to protect others desperately. He also wants to protect and spoil her with his life. He hopes that there is a trace of his presence in her heart in the wind and rain, facing the boundless sky, a man made his only oath in this world: "no matter where you are, I will wait for you to come back. Then I will tell you who I really love!" in this article 1v1, men are stronger than women, women are stronger than men, and then strong and strong work together. There are sugar and salt. Welcome to taste!