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I live after I die

I live after I die

I live after I die

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    I live after I die
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2022-06-23 08:25:19
Yexingchen is a mixed race of demons. He is extremely disgusted with the world because of all kinds of dark experiences from childhood to adulthood - the kind in which the world and she can only live one. But since Bai Yueyue is the first person to guard the right path in the cultivation world, ye Xingchen decides to kill himself< Br> then she ran on the road of death and never looked back, until on the immortal devil battlefield, her hypocritical quasi Taoist companion mercilessly gave her a sword. Yexingchen then strangled him with his backhand, and then contentedly sacrificed himself to become a barrier. He was divided by ten thousand demons and died with great vigour< Br> unexpectedly, threehundred years later, ye Xingchen, who thought he was already dead, pretended to be a corpse and crawled out of the earth, and he was still in the demon world that had no contact with the cultivation world< Br> yexingchen:??? Didn't I die< Br> (disgusted with the world and crazy to criticize the female leader × Cool and infatuated fairy king) I am an immortal and set up a mountain privately. Although the female leader has a former Taoist couple, they are all acting. There is no one else except the male leader!!!

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