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Dressed as a poor girl, I became a favorite

Dressed as a poor girl, I became a favorite

Dressed as a poor girl, I became a favorite

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    Dressed as a poor girl, I became a favorite
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    Ruoyang small book
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    Sky Book
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2022-07-13 17:32:40
When Qi Tingzhu wakes up, he finds that he has sadly worn back to the 1980s and has become a little pity that his father doesn't love his mother< Br> in the face of selfish, eccentric parents and malicious sisters, Qi Tingzhu, who was the heir of a family of traditional Chinese medicine in the previous life, waved his hand and said it was a piece of cake. Plastic parents, cruel sisters, use your fingers to clean up easily< Br> Qi Tingzhu ran away with a small bag. With her superb medical skills, she just wanted to live a happy life of becoming rich, but was suddenly told: Miss, it's hard for master and young man to find you< Br> the rich family father gave orders and announced that Qi Tingzhu was the next Qi family owner: it was not easy to get his little daughter back and pet her. Give me a good pet and the whole family will pet her together< Br> the four brothers who show their magic: don't rob my sister! Whoever bullies my sister will be against our four brothers< Br> Qi Tingzhu's question mark face: ha?! She was so tired in her last life that she really didn't want to be an heir in this life< Br> one day, Tang Ningfang, the crown prince of the Beijing circle, waved at her birthday party and bought ten hospitals as gifts for her< Br> "I will hold what little bamboo likes. I only wish the people I read will laugh every day and be safe every year."

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