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Escape with the Zombie King

Escape with the Zombie King

Escape with the Zombie King

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5086 ratings
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    Escape with the Zombie King
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    Initial experience of social animals
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    Wine Novel
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2022-06-19 01:20:37
This is a story of another change in the hands of the Zombie King. He launched a disaster in advance just to kill the Savior, but why do you want to play a little more to "save" your fool? When the fool savior escapes with the "child" - The Zombie King, the plot is similar to that of the previous life, but it seems different. The Zombie King is very upset, and the fool's partner is as annoying as ever... on the Zombie King, every day he thinks about when the fool can last a fool is on the way to escape almost every day. He doesn't find that he has no way to escape until he can walk sideways. The cruelty of the truth tells a fool that he was played with and applauded at the beginning. What's more, there is more than one game where to go under the doomsday, redemption or complete darkness the other hand is him< br>...

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