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Ungrateful female leader wants to be the villain boss

Ungrateful female leader wants to be the villain boss

Ungrateful female leader wants to be the villain boss

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    Ungrateful female leader wants to be the villain boss
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    Lu yanzhaozhao
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-06-24 09:59:40
It seems that every person who has the ability to travel through time and space will always have a lover who always dies of accidents waiting for his rescue< Br> our female leader Tang Qi is the unlucky one who always dies< Br> Tang Qi:< Br> after being saved for the seventh time by Meng Qian, a lover of parallel time and space, we finally have the memory of those worlds< Br> each of the previous worlds has its own way to die, which is very outrageous< Br> that's why she realized that the original seemingly calm world has already been surging up, and a conspiracy enough to subvert the world is brewing in a biological company< Br> since I gave her this memory, naturally, I can't sit back and wait to die to protect the world and my own life< Br> so the first thing she did was to destroy the lovers in the parallel world who held the script firmly< Br> Meng Qian:... but in exchange, she came to the villain president, and then she took advantage of her position to attack the iceberg president (cross it out) president after reading the script: ha ha... Tang Qi: men will only affect my speed of drawing a knife< Br> I thought it was a little bird, but I didn't expect Dapeng to spread her wings. She is an assistant to the president, a vice president, and a president. She plays games and plans to rise step by step< Br> sure enough, there is no man in my heart. It is natural to draw a knife< Br> the full text of the manuscript has been saved, and it will be changed until death.

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