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His tenderness comes to you

His tenderness comes to you

His tenderness comes to you

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    His tenderness comes to you
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2022-06-24 21:28:49
"Li Yan, thank you for your love for me."< Br> today's Xinyao is very beautiful. She has put on her dream wedding dress and entered the palace of marriage with people who have been with her all her life. Xinyao couldn't help crying. Now she is very happy< Br> Xin Yao's eyelashes are stained with tears, but she is still pouncing on them. She casually wipes her face. Her eyes are firm. She looks at Li Yan with a smile and continues< br> "You know, some people say that if two people with different life rhythms can still fall in love for a long time, either one side will trot on tiptoe, or the other side will tolerate your hard stumbles with forbearance and silent love. You have given me the most beautiful youth memories with your youth and satisfied my girl's fantasy dreams. You are very nice. You are the most gentle and beautiful person I have ever seen. I am very selfish, I think I will hide you in my heart forever... My boy, now my husband, have you ever regretted...... Li Yan looks directly at his beloved girl and puts it on the face of a little cat. He is still as gentle and affectionate as ever< Br> "you are the apple of my expectations, where I long, my future."

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