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Beauty Fu of Eastern Han Dynasty

Beauty Fu of Eastern Han Dynasty

Beauty Fu of Eastern Han Dynasty

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    Beauty Fu of Eastern Han Dynasty
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    Memory appendix
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    Weixin Book
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2022-06-25 03:06:08
Deng Sui, the grandson of Deng Yu, the head of the "twenty-four Yuntai generals" in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the daughter of Deng Xun, the school captain protecting Qiang, and the queen of liuzhaohexi, the emperor of Han Dynasty. He had little knowledge of the classics and history and was known as a virtuous man. He was elected to the harem Palace by a long time. At the time of his father's funeral, he insisted on observing filial piety for three years. He was extremely sad, leaving his face withered and his family unknown. Later, he came to the palace as a noble man. He was jealous of the queen because of his color, served the queen respectfully and humbly, and the queen was deposed because of witchcraft. The emperor established Deng Sui as the empress by virtue, and the emperor collapsed. He established Liu long, the younger son of Liuqing, the king of the Qing River, as the emperor of Han'an. Liu Hu, the son of Liu Qing, was elected as the emperor of Han'an. He stayed at the curtain for 17 years. During his reign, he did not abolish the public for private reasons, restrain his relatives, and was praised by the world.

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