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The princess is married

The princess is married

The princess is married

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    The princess is married
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    Nine pear meters of fog
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    Bestcar read
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2022-07-13 16:34:55
She, the eleventh princess, seems to outsiders to be of noble birth and rich clothing and food. But as a princess of a country, she can't decide her own destiny, and her heart is extremely painful< Br> with ten sisters in front of her, she is on the throne. She knows that she is beyond her expectation in this life< Br> but how can she be reconciled to marry far away and become a pawn at the mercy of others? no My life is up to me... she has been wasting and dragging. Finally, her cruel father died, and she finally doesn't have to worry about marriage< Br> never thought that her new fourth sister was better than her father. The new emperor basically killed her compatriots and sisters because of her ridiculous suspicion... she became a prisoner again. Facing the step-by-step pressure of the fourth sister, where should she go< Br> yes, in the end, her doomsday came. She, originally loved her fourth sister! Everything is just a fraud. The fourth sister gave her a cup of poisonous wine, and her brilliant life came to an end... she fought against her identity all her life, but finally lost to fate

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