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Weird Survival Guide

Weird Survival Guide

Weird Survival Guide

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    Weird Survival Guide
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    Rabbits have no ears
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    Cool Novel
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2022-09-09 02:22:47
Yuncha'er crossed into a farm girl. She thought she was taking a farming script to get rich, but she soon noticed the strangeness of the village outside the village, an old yellow dog was digging a grave, the five-year-old baby next door was holding a clay figurine that would scream and struggle, the old hen who had been raised for several years at home flapped her wings and stared at her. There was something wrong in her eyes... human beings struggled to survive here. Through step-by-step efforts, Yun cha'er finally walked out of the remote village and came face to face with the strange world when she finally found the legendary powerful Zhao'an city after many hardships, she suddenly had a question mark all over her head< br>? Why are acquaintances everywhere you said you had a backer in Zhao'an city eh, you have a local account What, how many properties do you own locally who else did you get an official position here I was the only one in the dark, and the clown was myself recently, many readers have put forward feedback, so we have set up an exchange group. If you are interested, please add it: Group No. 875706496

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